We build close relationships and inspire people to run their businesses with the help of top technologies and innovative management systems
About us
We are a group of extremely obsessed people to help companies and their owners to see the wider range of business opportunities and implement the best practices into reality.

We are ready to help you expand your representative and open the local offices in Ukraine as it is a top outsourcing country for foreign companies. Based on our experience and expertise we cover 3 cities with our partners (Lviv, Odesa, and Kyiv), where we see the highest potential in infrastructural and intellectual resources. This is a great opportunity to save time and money, you will accumulate your resources to invest in new startups and ideas. Instead, we will be responsible for the entire project from scratch, providing full maintenance for your business in legal, financial, technical, and administrative matters.


Relying on our support and assistance, you will watch the development of your project from scratch. We specialize in fixed price, SLD, and dedicated projects, so it is not a problem for us to find one person or a whole professional team. We are also ready for you to launch an R&D office in various locations (Lviv, Kyiv, Odesa), hire the appropriate staff, and deal with all business processes that are related to the activities of the partnership office.


We offer a unique outstaffing model to implement business process optimization, cost reduction, and enhance company performance. We specialize in various fields namely IT, logistics, engineering, design, accounting, support team, sales, etc. We will find the necessary professionals based on your requirements and needs. And no matter how many people you need, only one or one hundred. With outstaffing model, you set up objectives and we cover recruiting process, HR activities, legal responsibilities, and management tasks of your business. We will choose and offer to you one of the forms of cooperation that is most suitable for increasing new possibilities.

Why choose us
Our experienced team are passionate about creating long-term strategies and implementing new ideas into reality
We create detailed proposal with few options, - you choose the most suitable for you
Individual approach

Every company has its own way of becoming great. We develop a unique approach for everyone as we work with different companies in various fields

We create a long term partnership when you can make an adjustments depending on time and business needs
We offer the best solutions for your company, people and personally for you. We will present the detailed growth plan and strategy with real objectives
Go ON to create long and successful partnership
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